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Eindhoven is the Center of Contemporary Art and Design.

Today, Eindhoven consists of residential buildings with multi-colored asymmetrical windows, supermarkets under streamlined glass domes made of triangular panels, street garbage-presses, which take the waste according to the cards, and bus stops with roofs lined with flowers.

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Eindhoven is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, but this is difficult to guess because the level of modern development and architecture can rightly be called the highest.

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In 1232, there were already 170 buildings in the city, so Duke Hendrik I of Brabant gave this place the rights of the city. Also, the city had the right to a weekly market where the peasants were supposed to sell their products.

However, in 1486 the city was completely ransacked and then burned by Genderland troops. And literally in 25 years, it was rebuilt with more powerful fortifications. Unfortunately, that did not help it.

In 1554 the city was ravaged again, three-quarters of houses were destroyed in fires. And in 1583, the Spaniards were able to seize the city and destroy its walls. Finally, Eindhoven joined the Netherlands only in 1629.

The city lived and developed. In the 19th century, industry began to grow rapidly. Mainly the inhabitants were engaged in the production of tobacco and fabrics.

And in 1891 the company Philips was founded which began to produce electronic products. As well as the company DAF was founded producing passenger cars and trucks.

Even the almost complete destruction of old buildings during the Second World War could not break the city’s desire to grow, so Eindhoven was rebuilt anew, with modern districts and manufactories.

And now the city is the fifth in the Netherlands in terms of number of its inhabitants. It has its own third-largest university in research after Cambridge and Oxford.

So, you must see 3 things in Eindhoven:

A new nanosupermarket on wheels for geting acquainted with the ideas of young designers.

The museum of modern art.

The museum of the company DAF.


Eindhoven Airport

Vliegbasis Eindhoven Airport (EIN) is located 7 km west of the city.

The airport is the second busiest one after Schiphol.

The airport is used as both civilian and military.

To get from the airport to the city is best using the transfer. It is convenient, practical and very popular among tourists.

BCS-bus coach hire company is also ready to provide transfer services.


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