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Strasbourg is the parliamentary capital of Europe.

BCS-bus coach hire company invites you to organize your trip in Strasbourg.

Our experts are ready to help you solve and provide transport to the place you need.

<pMinibus rental is a great option for small groups of tourists.

For 10-15 people there is an opportunity to order a modern minibus, and for 4 people it is better to use a minivan.

Use the bus hire service in Strasbourg both for transfer and for long trips.

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Strasbourg is located in the east of France. This is the capital of Alsace bordering Germany. These features influenced the development of this city and its important role in European history.

Perhaps one of the most interesting facts is that as early as 1300 BC, there was a Celtic settlement on the site of Strasbourg. But later the city was captured by the Romans. The place called Argentorat stood for a long time. However, in 451 the Huns destroyed it. However, a little later, the Franks recaptured the city and established their own rules. Only in 1262 Strasbourg became free.

In 1520, the reformation began here, and in 1678, Strasbourg joined France. In 870 the city was owned by Prussia. And in 1940 it was captured by German troops, but in 1944 released. Then, in 1952, Strasbourg was chosen as the seat of the European Parliament.

All this of course affected the rich architecture of the city. The sharp peaks of churches, ancient mansions, palaces, botanical gardens, modern parks make the basis of the city divided into small squares by small channels.

The main dishes here can be described as a mix of French refinement and German practicality. Traditional cuisine invites you to taste onion pie and foie gras, rabbit marinated in wine, and baeckeoffe, a potato dish with three types of meat: lamb, pork and beef. And of course, you can drink all this splendor with fine Alsatian wines and beer.

Strasbourg Airport.

Strasbourg International Airport (SXB) is located 10 km from the city center.

The airport has one passenger and one cargo terminals. The airport can take 2.5 million passengers a year. This is more than 100 flights daily.

From the airport, you can reach the city by rail or by bus and taxi.

The fastest convenient and safe way to arrange airport transfers is by minibus rental and bus hire.

The safest and most convenient way to get to / from the airport is to organize an airport transfer.

We offer minibus rental and bus hire for you, so you fill out the request and we will send you an offer.

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