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While you can always find some cheap solutions for your transportation needs often, it will cost you much more in the end. It happens because very few companies have experience in transporting large amounts of people, especially when we talk about corporate events.

Not every company can provide you with a personal manager to help you organize your trip in the best way. Not every bus fleet has the newest modern buses.

Why Corporate Clients Choose BCS?

We are not the cheapest company on the market, but we are capable of providing you with high-quality services. We have vast experience in transporting corporate clients. Whether it is a small event or a big one, where hundreds or even thousands of people involved, we are capable of getting you where you need just in time. On special occasions, we will provide you with a personal transportation manager who will help you to plan your trip in the best way.

We will talk through all the small details with you. When the order is prepared, we will make an extra call and have a conversation with you about all the little details to check if everything is correct. We have a fresh and eco-friendly bus fleet that consists of the newest vehicles.

We keep them all in very good condition. Before every trip, we make a technical check so that you will have a great experience during your travel. And by doing so, we take care of your safety.

Major Companies trust BCS Travel

We have worked with such famous companies as Microsoft, L'Oreal, Mazda, Dell, Canon, and many more. So we for sure have accumulated some trust from our clients.

BCS Travel Service is a Custom Service

BCS travel company is a fully Custom Service. For example, if your company prefers to use only Mercedes buses, we will try our best to work it out. If you need some extras on your bus, we will try to work it out as well. With us, you can create an absolutely custom travel route. You can start your trip in Paris and go to Barcelona through Oslo if you are willing to do so. We will make it possible.

BCS Offers 24/7 Hotline

One of the best things about BCS travel is that you get 24/7 hotline support.

You can call us at any moment if you have any questions about your trip. Our drivers are well-trained and are capable of answering most of your questions as well.

BCS Travel is Investing in Reforestation

When we talk about our eco-friendliness, it is not only about our vehicles creating very low emissions, but will we take extra effort to influence ecosystems around us. We have bought a deforested piece of land, and we plant new trees with every order that we get. So we are investing money not only in our company but in the future of our planet as well. Each of our clients becomes a co-investor by using our services.

We proudly call ourselves a Zero-Emission company because we neutralize any CO2 effect made by our vehicles with our reforestation project.

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